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Shipping And Payment Info

  We have several different methods of shipping for you to choose from.  USPS Priority 2-3 day shipping or fedex ground is free with all our packaged deals listed on our website. We only send fedex ground on larger shipments within a 3 day shipping range from our location in Tampa, Florida (see pic above). All west coast locations will be shipped usps priority 2-3 day with the free shipping.  We have been shipping this way to every state in the country (Excluding Hawaii) for quite some time now with 100% success rate. This ships to your front door. Your other option is to ship your rock with same day airline freight shipping. This does cost extra and you will have to pick up your rock at the airport.  See the section below for more info on airline shipping. We use insulated boxes and aquaculture grade 7mm plastic bags. We take extra steps to ensure that your live rock gets to you in the best condition. Unlike other sellers we hand wrap every piece of live rock in several moist paper towels. We also include heat packs depending on the time of year at no extra cost to you. We do not use ice packs. Local pick up is welcome, there is no pick up fee. Just visit our contact page and set up an appointment. We only pack and ship the free standard shipping on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so payments received after Wednesday  at 3:00 pm will be shipped the following Monday. Airline shipping can be done on any day of the week.

 On the day of shipping, I will email you a tracking number as soon we print the label, so you can use that number and the link supplied to track your shipment.  There tracking system is real good and is updated each time the package transfers, so it’s easy to follow.  We will also email you a copy of your invoice from pay pal. It's important that someone be available to receive the package so that it doesn't sit outside and get too hot or cold depending on the time of the year. If you want it delivered to your work address, make that change when you make the paypal payment, and include a note with the payment. We will use other shipping services upon request.  If you intend to use another shipping service contact us so that we can figure out the price and send you a invoice for the proper amount.

Airline Shipping 

Airline shipping reduces the amount of die off that occurs on the rock during shipping. It also increases the survival rate of live hitch hikers that are hiding in the rock like small crabs, shrimps, snails, starfish, urchins and other inverts.  We started using airline shipping because some of our customers want there rock with a faster shipping time and they are willing to pay the cost for the faster shipping. There is also more involvement on the part of the buyer when you select airport shipping. You will have to go to the airport and pick up your order. You will have to contact us at the time of your order so we can book a flight for you and exchange information. You will be paying for the shipping directly to the airline when you pick up the rock. This way you know we are not making any money on the shipping. Most airlines have a minimum freight charge of 100 pounds. So you will pay the same fee to ship 10 pounds as you would to ship 100 pounds. Shipping costs when using Air Freight will set you back from $65.00 to $80.00 for up to a 100 Lb. Usally 30 lbs is $65.00 and 100 lbs run about $80.00 The same package will run from $65.00 to $95.00 when it goes to the West Coast, depending on where you live.  Packages over 100 lbs. are charged the 100 lb. rate plus a per pound rate for each pound over the minimum. We will ship with extra water by request on airline shipments only. On the day your rock is shipped we will contact you and provide you with an airway bill number that you can track your order with.  Call the carrier at the numbers listed below with your airway bill number before you go to the airport to pick up your shipment so you can  make sure that the package is there and ready for pick up. Occasionally the airlines will “bump” a shipment to a later flight and you may be making a wasted trip. They can also give you a estament of the freight cost .  Our airport code is TPA.  If you will be transporting your shipment in your family car it may be a good idea to bring a leak proof container or some plastic to lay in the trunk to prevent a wet or leaking box from getting saltwater in your car. At this time we are only using delta and southwest airlines air freight. There phone numbers are listed below.

Phone number for airline cargo 

Delta:  1800-352-2746            

Southwest:  1800-533-1222


 We prefer Paypal because it's quick, easy, and secure for both of us.  After you make a purchase, you will receive a notice from pay pal with payment instructions.  If you don't have a PayPal account you can pay with your credit card. Select your item and add to cart.  Click check out and then select "Don't have a pay pal account".  I will also accept credit card over the phone, personal checks, money orders, and certified checks. If you pay by check this will delay the shipping time. Contact me for more info on checks. You now have the option of paying with pay pal bill me later.  This allows you to make no interest payments for 6 months. No apr no interest as long as you pay it off in 6 months.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We've been shipping fish and invertebrates around the world for 15 years and know how to get your livestock to you alive and in the best of health.  We select only the strongest and healthiest specimens, and custom bag each one into the appropriate sized bag.  Because we catch everything we sell, we have the ability to collect only the best specimens and then make sure they are shipped to you as fresh as possible.  There is no middleman in our business, so everything you get is fresh from the sea. Direct from the diver.

  We like to say that we guarantee live arrival, but things can happen in the during shipping that are beyond our control so there is always the possibility that something will not arrive alive.  We don't anticipate any problem, but in the unlikely event that something arrives dead we will send a free replacement.  Please follow these simple steps to get a replacement.                          

• Notify us of the problem as soon as possible                            

• Email a digital picture of the dead critter in the packaging material                            

• Send a brief explanation of what happened.                            

We want your order to arrive in perfect shape and we want to meet or exceed your expectations.  If something’s not right, contact us and give us a chance to make it right.  Thank you for choosing